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BrokenTune 1 month ago
Ooooh, ... I don't mind different perspectives. As long as there is no info-dumping or precocious child character, I'll have a look out for this one at the library.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
I think you'll really enjoy it - no child characters and no info dumping. Just lots of (references to) swyving. :P
BrokenTune 1 month ago
hehe.... onto the library list it goes!
Good for you for sticking to this one -- it's going straight onto my TBR as well, and, incidentally, "Heresy" is (alas) not exactly shaping up what the beginning made me believe it might be. I'm pretty underwhelmed at this point, not least because it's been fairly obvious since page 95 who is responsible for the death that occurred on pp. 90-94 (shades of Conan Doyle's "Silver Blade"), and yet, 200+ pages on our alleged super-sleuth scholar Giordano Bruno is still running around like a headless chicken and I can't stop myself from hearing Sherlock Holmes in my head, saying "You see, Watson, but you don't observe." (And there are shades of plenty of other mysteries, both historical and Golden Age, as well.) So you definitely didn't miss much in not switching books (should you ever seriously have considered it) -- whereas I am now looking forward to a better read on a similar topic sometime soon!
Murder by Death 1 month ago
I thought this one was definitely well-plotted. No last minute character introductions, but the author makes brilliant use of the characters he has (imo), so this left me at the end being completely ignorant of how it was all going to wrap itself up (although I did see where one of the POVs was going, - it was done in epistolary form - I think it was because I was supposed to.)

I will add one caveat though: I am completely and totally ignorant of this time period, so all the historical characters beyond Chaucer were pretty unknown to me when I started reading it. I am certain that made a difference in my overall opinion; I found it harder sometimes to keep track of who was who, but on the flip side, I had no fore-knowledge of personalities, which might have made me more gullible to the plot. I don't know. TL;DR version: YMMV. :D
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Sorry to hear Heresy isn't living up to it's opening; it's never a good sign when not only are you critiquing the plotting and the characters, but you've got other, superior characters from other books mentally standing next to you giving you their .02 cents worth.

And this might seem harsh, but I think if you're reading for enjoyment and pick up on the usage of themes and shades from the books that came before, the writer has failed to find their own voice. Of course every author is influenced by others', but that influence should be taken in and reshaped as part of their own, so that it's only observable if you go looking for it (i.e. literary criticism or literary analysis). To use a Wizard of Oz reference - you should never know what's behind the curtain unless you go looking behind it.
Re: "A Burnable Book": Sounds good enough to me! :D
And yes -- there's definitely a nice amount of period detail, but I'm less sure at the moment than I was at the beginning who this fictionalized Giordano Bruno is supposed to be as a person, and it's certainly not helping that I don't buy into his sleuthing credentials. (Which is ironic, because the RL Giordano Bruno actually *was* a spy for Walsingham in his spare time.)

I'm not sure whether Parris is actually aware of all the other books I keep feeling reminded of -- sometimes I want to believe she isn't, and she honestly believes she's come up with something new and clever, but other times I'm going "oh no, not *another* copycat thing" ... and I'm wondering how little respect she has for her readers if she actually believes nobody is going to see what she is doing.

Give me the originals any day of the week!
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Speaking of the originals, I've been perusing the 2018 catalogs and it looks like at least a couple of publishers are re-releasing more than a few of the golden age classic titles next year. :)
Excellent, thanks for sharing! I'd been hoping it would catch and they wouldn't be in a mind to let the BL reap all the profits from the craze they started, but the ways of the publishing industry are more weird than wonderful at times ...
Kanti's Books 4 weeks ago
Sounds like my kind of thing so I checked it out on Amazon and the Kindle edition is FREE now so I have downloaded it. Thanks!
Murder by Death 4 weeks ago
You're welcome - I hope you enjoy it! :)