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Evans 3 years ago
About Humboldt: I actually had no idea that he is so unknown in Australia/the US - he's not at all neglected here in Germany: I got my degree from Humboldt University, there's literally dozens of schools named after him as well as streets in many cities. A huge museum that is being built in Berlin right now is going to be called 'Humboldt Forum'.

The Berlin State Library has Humboldt's travel journals and other personal papers in its keeping and they've digitized a big part of the collection and created a very nice portal: (Humboldt's handwriting isn't easy to read even if you speak German, but it's still neat to look at :-)
Murder by Death 3 years ago
I've heard that Germany still has a proper appreciation for Humbolt - and in the US we used to; cities all over the country used to have holidays in celebration of his birthday, and we still have cities/towns, counties, mountains, bodies of water, streets, and colleges named after him... but nobody knows who he is anymore. He's not taught in schools or talked about as the massive contributor to our understanding of the world that he is. But then again, I'm not sure the US education system teaches much anymore. :| I don't know of *any* Aussies that know who he is either - except my husband now, because he had to listen to me go *on* about Humbolt, ::grin:: - but his contributions would be more at a remove for them since he never made it down under.

Thanks for the link - even though I can't speak/read German, you're right, it's still fun to look at! :)
BrokenTune 3 years ago
I still need to compile my list, but without a doubt The Invention of Nature is one of the five. The book was an eye-opener, not just with respect to Humboldt, but also of the time he lived in and some of the other players - I find it hard to take Napoleon seriously anymore, and I have crossed paths with the East India Company several times since and find that I rejoice every time that someone gets the better of them - the Hague book had me chuckle on this a couple of times.

One other pick for me will be A is for Arsenic. :)
Murder by Death 3 years ago
A is for Arsenic was on the very short list. In fact, I considered being a renegade and making my list 6 instead of 5, but figured I should set a good example as a co-host of the game. :)

But yes, I agree - A is for Arsenic *is* one of the best reads this year.
Am I imagining things, or is it possible I really did hear they were planning to bring Humboldt's story to the screen, based on Wulf's book?
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Really? I hope they do!
Well, seems to have been only my overactive imagination after all. :( They really should, though!
Murder by Death 3 years ago
We did have a lively discussion about the possibilities during our book discussion; I plumped hard for Cumberbatch making an excellent Humbolt! :)
Maybe it's the memory of that which stuck in my brain. Goes to show what lively conversations may lead to ...
Portable Magic 3 years ago
I just couldn't get myself interested in the Gaiman book but those others look good! I'm definitely adding to my TBR.
Murder by Death 3 years ago
I was predisposed to like it, I think, because I'd already been trying to figure out a pain free way of familiarising myself with the Norse myths, and suddenly Gaiman handed me a solution.

I hope you enjoy the others - whichever ones you end up trying. :)
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Looks like Easter Cat also approved of the selected books. ;)
Murder by Death 3 years ago
We can go with that - I suspect she was worried I was trying to catch a sneaky pic of her looking cute instead of her normal camera face of disdain and judgement. ;)