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BrokenTune 7 months ago
I love a good pie chart. :)

When the women writers challenge came around, I did almost exactly the same thing and figured out how my reading split between men and women. It came up with an almost even split, which I thought was rather marvellous.

Are you keeping track of the numbers throughout the year or do compile them at the end?
Murder by Death 7 months ago
This year I compiled them all in one afternoon with MT egging me on (not much going on that day, lol). I hate adding too many shelves (unless they're physical ones) but this year I might try to track it as I go. I'll create 2018, Male, and Female (and maybe team?...UGH!) shelves and hopefully remember to shelve my reads accordingly, as I go. It might all go pear-shaped by mid-Feb. but it not, it would make it easier at the end of the year. :P
BrokenTune 7 months ago
Good luck with the shelving. ;D

Does MT have any plans for BL in 2018?
Murder by Death 7 months ago
Remember to update his books from Planning to read, to Read? That's probably what he'd say if I asked him, but I see wheels turning more often now when I talk about what's going on in the BL world, so I suspect at some point he'll start showing up more often. A big part, too, is that we have to find more books for him to read that aren't so mainstream; he refuses to review books like Harry Bosch because they're already so popular and well-reviewed.
BrokenTune 7 months ago
I see. You're going to need a bigger library. ;)
Murder by Death 7 months ago
HA! MT just read that over my shoulder and shuddered... :D
BrokenTune 7 months ago
Mischief managed! ;)
Very cool stats -- both optically and substantively!

I'm pretty sure in 2017 my stats are heavily pro-women authors as well, but that's largely because I revisited almost all of Christie's and Sayers's catalogues and a fair share of those of the other Golden Age queens of crime. In 2018, I'm just going to use the Women Writers Bingo Card as a way of keeping track, I think -- with a list of books / authors read below.
Murder by Death 7 months ago
What surprised me the most was the relative equity of my non-fiction reads; I expected those numbers to be heavy on the male author side. Really the only categories men dominated for me the year (of the ones I counted) were audiobooks and anthologies. I was both surprised and pleased by the results, especially as I've never made an effort to consider gender. :)
Nonfiction is actually the area where I'm more likely to read women than men -- most of the historical biographies I've read in recent years were written by women (Ian Mortimer being a notable exception, gender-wise). And audio is where women come in for me in particular ... most of those above-mentioned revisits were in that medium. But yes, especially for not even trying to balance genders, yours is a great result!
Char's Horror Corner 7 months ago
You are astonishing! 273 books?
I love how you put all the charts and stats together.
charlton 7 months ago
273 books? Impressive!
Murder by Death 7 months ago
Thanks Char and charlton - I can't believe I read that many either. It's exponentially more than I've read in past years - even after taking into account the small, quick reads that would have inflated the numbers. The silver lining of being an introvert? ;)