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Lillelara 10 months ago
This year it is the last time we Germans are allowed to do Bleigiessen. The EU forbids to sell goods with more than 0,3% of lead in it and sets for Bleigiessen contain about 71% lead.
I don´t mind because this was never a tradition in my home, but I know a lot of people love doing it.
Oh, we did when I was growing up -- it was great fun to try to devine from the cooled lumps of lead in the water what they represented, and what that might mean for the person who had produced them.

This is such an old and widespread (and, um, commercially significant) custom ... I'm surprised they didn't find a way to build an exception into that EU regulation.
Lillelara 10 months ago
I guess not even the Germans could find a loophole with the whooping 71% in these sets. They seem to be working on a replacement, though. Something which is based on silvercolored wax.
Well, obviously the exception would have had to attach to the lead content as such and be phrased in "this does not apply ..." language. Which is what you get all the time if there is sufficient pressure from one group or another, even in EU regulations. And I won't rule out it's not going to happen somewhere down the road after all. Silver colored wax? Give me a break ...
Lillelara 10 months ago
Well, we have 365 days to find out if Bleigiessen hits the shelves again next year. As for the wax variety: I don´t think anyone would be able to see something out of those.
Exactly ...