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I'm reading this one now :D Glad you enjoyed it. I agree about Veronica bringing up sex in conversation. Once, maybe. And I understand it's an attitude her character holds that is good for readers to know, but it's awkward and strange for her to repeatedly bring it up. Particularly when she knows it makes Stoker uncomfortable.

Perhaps it's done once per book for the benefit of readers who may not have read the previous books? So they'll see this aspect of her personality. *Shrug*

And I also agree for me the mystery is really secondary.
Murder by Death 10 months ago
I wouldn't mind once per book either; as you say, for readers who are coming into the series out of order. I fully support her attitude, I just wish she wouldn't consider it fodder for casual conversation. :D
10 months ago
When I got approved for this through NetGalley, I made a post complaining about Veronica's obsession with all things phallic in the previous book. I was prepared to give the series a second chance when I opened this book and IN THE FIRST SENTENCE she's going on about phallic this and that. I'm was all like Veronica girl you know you need to stop and put it aside. Since it was a Netgalley book I put in notes to the publisher "What is with her obsession???? it's a little much..." lol I think I will just enjoy these vicariously through your reviews.
Murder by Death 10 months ago
Just for full disclosure: that scene is BY FAR the worst in the book in terms of ... erm ... indelicacies. Once that scene ends, that 'shipment' disappears from the story. Afterwards, it's just a comment or three sprinkled throughout the story. Still more than necessary, but WAY less than the average for other books, and tolerable, if not ideal.
10 months ago
I have been trying to reply to this for days and finally just gave up cuz it was so frustrating to type and have it disappear when it went to post...Now that the comments section is behaving....

Ahh that's good to know. Because otherwise I did enjoy the series.