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Oh, great, another newsletter to subscribe to ... (groan). :D

Thanks for sharing!
Murder by Death 9 months ago
You're welcome. :D

I don't subscribe to these things (except the Mysterious Press one, which is an expensive enough habit) but I do like to visit sites like this occasionally ... just for the articles, you understand. ;-)
Oh, sure. No connection with the contents of your bookshelves *at all* ...
Murder by Death 9 months ago
Negligible amount, at best. ;-) Now Mysterious books on the other hand... ::sigh:: they just sent me a list of the Anna Katherine Green books they have in stock... *groan*
They've obviously found you out for the glutton for punishment that you are ...
Murder By Death - if you are acquiring Anna Katherine Green for the love of having the books themselves, that's one thing (and I totally approve) but are you aware that there is one of those very odd "free Kindle" omnibus items that includes pretty much her entire oeuvre (along with pretty much the entire oeuvre of Wilkie Collins, and a highly miscellaneous collection of other out-of-copyright mystery stuff)? It exists under the odd title "Greatest Mystery Collection, volume 2" (have never seen volume 1 come up), and the Kindle Edition is by H&H Books (2009). I downloaded it from the Kindle Store a few years back - as I say, it was free - so I can't guarantee it's still there, but if you just want to romp through AKG's titles in e-form, that's a possibility.
Murder by Death 9 months ago
Scottish-Canadian...: Thanks of the heads up! I'm definitely the former: acquiring the books for the love of the books themselves (and I'm supposed to stay away from reading from electronic devices), but thank you very much for the tip; I know there are others who are interested in AKG's books that don't have my compulsion/restrictions that would be interested in the free download. :)