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Linda Hilton 4 months ago
It's been 35 years or more since I read this one, and it's one of the few I don't have an accessible copy of.
Murder by Death 4 months ago
I just bought this recently from Better World Books anti would be in fairly great condition if not for the HUGE, damaging sticker on the back. :|
Linda Hilton 3 months ago
You can remove most stickers with gentle application of heat -- warm iron or even hair dryer. There are products for removing the remaining stickiness, but I'm not sure what brands are available in Australia.
Murder by Death 3 months ago
I've used lemon oil (sparingly) very successfully, and the old gum erasers are the best! But this huge sticker is the kind where the paper splits, leaving a layer of paper over the sticky adhesive, and it becomes much easier to damage the cover's varnish when that happens (in my experience).
Linda Hilton 3 months ago
I've had those, too. Gentle heat loosens the glue just enough to peel the sticker off, especially if you use a small metal spatula to carefully lift it The lemon-oil based product I use works even on very old paperback covers with no damage. But I haven't tried it on an actual hardcover, just on paperbacks and dust jackets.
Hooked on Books 3 months ago
I just LOVE Elizabeth Peters! She's great isn't she?! She's one of my top favorite authors! I've been slowly buying hardcopies of all her books. I have this one but its one of the very few books of hers I haven't read yet. After reading your review, I'm going to have move it up my TBR.
Murder by Death 3 months ago
I grab them whenever I see them - they aren't all winners, but enough of them are to make it worth while to own them. I always have fun reading them. :)