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Of the ones you've read so far, which book(s) by Anna Katharine Green would you recommend to start with?
Murder by Death 8 months ago
I really liked the Mayor's Wife best of the three so far. It was the most evenly paced and the least flowery and romantic. The Circular Study is also good; it has SO many elements we readers love today, and the amount of tech she used is impressive for the times, but it also had more of the elements I find tedious and it dragged just a wee bit for me.

I have The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow too; it's the last one I have (until I find more!) to read and it's the first one that's part of the "Levenworth Case" series. I'm interested to find out if it's style will be less romantic and more procedural, or not. :)
Murder by Death 8 months ago
I will also add that this one (Golden Slipper) is worth reading for aficionados of either the mystery genre in general or Anna Katherine Green in particular. For just sheer joy of reading - skip it unless you're feeling benevolent.
OK, noted; thank you! I'll keep my eyes open for "The Mayor's Wife" and "The Circular Study" then ...