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I had a cat called Pyewacket. She was awesome in the extreme.
Portable Mistletoe 8 months ago
I've had this book on my TBR forever, because somebody (probably you) recommended it to me, but I still haven't come across it in my used bookstore buying, neither of my libraries carries it, and Audible doesn't have it on audio. One of these days I guess I will have to actually buy it.
Murder by Death 8 months ago
I can't remember how I stumbled across it - but now that you mentioned it, I rarely see the title anywhere; it seems to have had a short lifespan. If you come across it cheap, it's a fun read - it's not 5 star worthy objectively speaking - probably 4 is more reasonable - but there's a lot of humor, strong women, and good wins over evil. A wee bit silly, but in a good way. :)
Portable Mistletoe 8 months ago
It looks like a fun, light read. Something that would be a nice break between heavier books.