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Elentarri's Book Blog 8 months ago
I think people who keep wild animals as "pets" need to be stuffed into cages.
Elentarri's Book Blog 8 months ago
You might want to skip a few sections of chapter 6 too. There are bits in here I could have done without reading.
Murder by Death 7 months ago
Duly noted, and thanks for the warning. I am so not a grown up. :p
Elentarri's Book Blog 7 months ago
Chapter 7 wasn't that bad. The end of the chapter was sad, but hte rest informative.
Similar to Italy, cats and humans also have a symbiotic relationship in Greece that's totally different from the way things are done in North America (and the better part of the rest of Europe). Cats are appreciated as biologic vermin control and as companions, but they are rarely "domesticated" -- they're fed and basically allowed to wander wherever they please. (And boy, they are *everywhere.*) If you don't own one of Hans Silvester's books of cats photographed in the Kyklades islands yet, there's something seriously missing from your library. And I can testifry from personal experience (though gained in Crete) that these images are *not* saccharined-up. This *is* exactly what you'll find, and I have plenty of photos of my own -- though obviously not as professional ones -- to back it up.
Elentarri's Book Blog 8 months ago
That's neat!
It is! :)
Murder by Death 7 months ago
Ok... this is retaliation for the book of lists book isn't it? ;-) Because you know I'm going to have to search out Silvester's books.

Turkey also has a similar law/setup to Italy, it seems, although it doesn't sound quite as organised.
[Whistles innocently]

Start with this one (still my overall favorite):,1929716

The most comprehensive one (which includes photos from most of the other books) is this one:,2298436

Enjoy! :D