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FYI, if you're doing single issue comics, does not have single DC issues, which is a huge bummer when you're trying to add ten Suicide Squad and ten Batman issues. Which is why I kept pushing to get back shelve it working again!
Also, just in case something doesn't go through and I don't want the image on my computer before I know if it does, I open the image in a new window, shelve it, then wait and see. If I have to addd it from Comixology, I use the image from them. It's a whole system.

Paper comics are actually importing from uk, which didn't used to happen.
Murder by Death 3 years ago
Excellent news about paper comics importing - I can't imagine manually adding the number of comics you read. o_O
Yeah, luckily I only had to do like less than five from the 20 or so I added today!
3 years ago
Thanks so much for this! Almost every book I read lately isn't here and sometimes I put off adding my current reads because I know they won't be here. This works wonderfully and saves a ton of time.
Murder by Death 3 years ago
You're welcome! This is one of those features I thought most everybody knew about (and I rarely use it, so I had forgotten all about it until we lost the search/import feature).
3 years ago
To be honest, I knew about it, but the one time I tried it previously which was at least a year ago or so, it didn't work, so I just gave up on it.
I kept saying it and people seemed to ignore it, so I stopped mentioning it. I saw it when BL initially talked about it, and it's been a G-dsend ever since. It's absolutely wonderful: at least 75% of my comics? I can use the shelve it, and that makes the other percentage bearable when I have to add them :D
3 years ago
I was ignoring it, because I wasn't using it correctly and it wasn't working for me! Pretty much almost 100% of the books I read aren't in here, or aren't here in the edition (audio), that I wanted. This saved me a TON of time. :)
Yup. If its not working for you, feel free to DM me and I'll try and see if it works for me and DM you back the link. Or post, whatever, I'm thinking DM to make sure I see it. Don't see why it would, but I figure it's worth a try? Because some things don't work for me, either, but most do.
3 years ago
You're the best! Thank you. :)
It's nothing. BTW, I keep finding books for you. I've run out of boxes and will pick more up tomorrow.
3 years ago
Oh no! Or Oh yes! LOL I'm torn!
LOL. I absolutely won't be offended if you give the ones that aren't your favorites away. I just need them out of the house.

Donate to the library, stock them up for boxes, whatever you want.