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BrokenTune 2 weeks ago
Congrats on the Bingo Blackout!
Murder by Death 2 weeks ago
Yey -- you caught up *really* fast. Congratulations on the reading blackout!
Murder by Death 2 weeks ago
Thanks! There needed to be a silver lining in the cold from hell. I didn't even have to do any short stories - well, one, but only because I really wanted to read it. :D
"Locked Doors" by Mary Roberts Rinehart? It's a great story ... my first by MRR, but definitely not my last.

And, um, yeah -- that cold. It sounds like the thing that only a constant diet of books could beat ... or at least, temporarily stop from making itself felt too much! :(
Hol 2 weeks ago
I love that title. And congrats. How on earth did you do it!?
Murder by Death 2 weeks ago
I was sick for 2 weeks. Not sure I'd have been able to do it as quickly any other way. :p
Hol 2 weeks ago
Are you feeling okay now?
Murder by Death 1 week ago
Thanks for asking; depends on the day. :) Today, yes; I'd say it's gone and I'm 100% over it. But I said that on Monday and then felt so bad on Tuesday I had to leave work early. Wednesday started bad but ended great; Thursday was a 100% day and yesterday was back to 60%. So I can only imagine my immune system fighting a war of attrition with the damn cold virus. My husband has had the same problems shaking it off, though he takes immunosuppressive medication, which makes it easier to understand.

I haven't been really sick for years and years, so I guess I was due; it makes me appreciate being healthy that much more. :)
Hol 1 week ago
I'm glad you're feeling better today. I hope it continues.