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* wide grin * // * TA rubs hands *
TeaStitchRead 3 years ago
YES! Very much excited! And I am already digging the tweaks.
Good! :D
BrokenTune 3 years ago
WHAAA...!!!! LOVE IT!!!! You're totally messing with my plans to complete my MT. TBR challenge, but that's cool.
Murder by Death 3 years ago
I've spiked my own so thoroughly, it only seemed fair to drag everyone else down with me. :D ;)
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Murder by Death 3 years ago
We tried to keep all the book tasks wide open so there are a lot of options (for both fiction and non). Who knows? Maybe it will end up helping you complete your TBR challenge? :)
MbD took the words right out of my mouth -- I was going to say, you'll just have to do your best to work around the book task options ... like all of us! :D We really did try to be as inclusive as possible, though.
BrokenTune 3 years ago
Yeah, I know ... And I am really looking forward to it!!
Abandoned by user 3 years ago
It's going to be so much fun! And look at that amazing Advent Calendar!
Darth Pedant 3 years ago
Eep! No time to wallow in a post-bingo coma. I hope I have the energy for this! @.@
Murder by Death 3 years ago
You can do this - remember it's tasks OR books (or all). There's no getting it wrong, and I think most of the doors offer easy, book related tasks. Although you kicked SO much ass on Halloween bingo, I don't doubt you can scream through the books for this one too. :)
Exactly! That said, I'm already looking forward to your posts for the non-book tasks as well.
Darth Pedant 3 years ago
It depends on whether I have work or not. I can't read at the rate I did when I'm working. But work or not, I'm going to try, gosh darn it! Doing Halloween Bingo with everyone was so much fun! :D
Emerjas 3 years ago
Yay! I loved this last year, so I'm excited to play again!
Great! :)
Tannat 3 years ago
Just when I was planning to get back to the books that I put on the back-burner...
Perhaps you might still be able to use them here? Since you can complete a square in another way than by reading, there should even be room for longer books, too ...
Tannat 3 years ago
I meant books I'd already started. It's a great idea though.
Oh my god, an Advent Calendar. I think last year I arrogantly claimed I was going to play then had time to do none. But an advent calendar, I'm weak in the knees.
Murder by Death 3 years ago
There's just something about the pull of all those little doors... ;-)
Lillelara 3 years ago
We had a lot of fun putting this together. Hope it'll be as much fun to play, too!
Cute calendar!
:) 'Tis the season ...
Portable Magic 3 years ago
Ohhhhhh goodie! I can't wait! I love the Festive Tasks game.
And I can't wait to see how you'll be organizing your square markings this time around. I'm still in awe of your system from last year!
Murder by Death 3 years ago
Actually TA you just brought up something I hadn't thought about - we should post a screenshot of the card for anyone that wants to use it. Trying to do the old 'drag it off the screen' will not work here.
The very first post is going to include a screenshot of the entire card in one image ... but yeah, we should probably add that to the instructions. If anybody wants to use an image of the card, they will need to copy the image we're using in the very first post.
Portable Magic 3 years ago
Thank you! Yes, I definitely need a good image file to design my card. Now I'm going to have to do some image searches to find new markers - my old blue and white snowflakes aren't going to work. Maybe little Christmas trees... hmmm....
Ani's Book Abyss 3 years ago
!!! This looks like an awesome idea!
Thank you! :)
3 years ago
Oh dear, my reading plans for the rest of the year are sunk! (In a good way)
Fear the drowning deep!
3 years ago
Ha! That I will.
3 years ago
OMG. I wonder how many of my Netgalley books would fit squares?
Murder by Death 3 years ago
I'll bet you can make most, if not all of them fit. We tried to keep the books wide open so we don't blow goals too badly. :D
3 years ago
Ooooohhh! Very cool! I'm looking forward to seeing the details. Like Laura, I'm wondering how/if my upcoming ARCS will fit. :) :)
I hope they will. All the book tasks come with several alternatives!