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Elentarri's Book Blog 1 month ago
Has anyone read My Friend Flicka by Mary O'Hara? That has a horse on the cover (or my copy does anyway) and it's about horses and horse races (sort of).
It's one of *the* horse-related children's classics (or at least was, when I was a kid) ... along with Walter Farley's "Black Stallion" series, "Black Beauty", Marguerite Henry's horse books, and the "Fury" TV series. I loved the Black Stallion books and "Fury" on TV especially.

For the mystery fans (who haven't already read it, that is): Josephine Tey's "Brat Farrar" is set in the world of racehorse breeding, too. And if all else fails, of course there's always Dick Francis ...
Tannat 1 month ago
Um....what about the day 2 tasks? I'm pretty sure they weren't identical...
Err. No, they aren't. :D
Murder by Death 1 month ago
DAMMIT! Will fix this ASAP... too much coding; too many pages open; too much copy/paste.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Fixed. Sorry about that - and thanks for catching it and mentioning it. :D
Tannat 1 month ago
You're welcome. It was due to my own laziness of not wanting to scroll further down into my feed to find the post for the other day to copy the tasks :)