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Linda Hilton 2 months ago
Voted by mail two weeks ago.

100% Blue.
Seconded by someone else forced to watch from the sidelines.
Obsidian Blue 2 months ago
Voted this morning! Line was really long. They said they were not expecting this turnout.
... so they were not following the news? Given the early voting turnout reported and the activity in the social media alone, there was every indication turnout would be high. (I know, I know. Polls and all that. I think there's a difference between polls and drawing conclusions from early voting, though.)

Let's hope the voter turnout is high enough to actually make a difference even in the face of gerrymandering and purposeful disenfranchisement.
Obsidian Blue 2 months ago
Yeah, I was surprised myself. Talk about getting caught flat footed. Glad I went this morning. And yes, I have hope. Still staying away from the media today. I don't want to read any hot takes from anyone and am going to zen out and read and do work today.
Sounds like an excellent plan.
TeaRainBook 2 months ago
Voted via absentee ballot three weeks ago. No cute "I Voted" sticker selfie for me, but I did get my tracking number from the post office. For my ballot for Pennsylvania, there was governor, House of Rep, Senate, and state reps. No ballot measures (thank goodness - all that legalese makes my head hurt) to decide.
Person Of Interest 2 months ago
We vote by mail but then always leave it to the last minute and end up dropping it off at our polling place voting day. There were 11 state and 3 local measures to wade through this time. :-O
Off to the ballot box tonight. I like to think I'm moderate and educated, so that's two out of your three.
Murder by Death 2 months ago
Oh geez - I just realised that sounded like my criteria for the person doing the voting, rofl.. I meant the candidate, hehehe, but I'll take what I can get. :D
Peregrinations 2 months ago
" Someone moderate and educated would be nice. Sane would be a bonus." Is this who you want to vote for you or who you want them to vote for? We voted early (and often). Glad for the option because DH has a full schedule for today and might not have been able to get to the polls today.
Murder by Death 2 months ago
Who they vote for - You and Books both had me looking at my post and doing a "DOH!"...

Grammar matters.

I tried to vote early when I was in Florida, but since it's not a Federal election (in terms of Federal, non-state representatives), I wasn't eligible. (Must have a state of residence, and they weren't impressed with "Victoria". hehe)
Peregrinations 2 months ago
Got to the polling station and it all seemed a bit disorganized. Ballot papers being spat out of the machine, people scratching their heads, and a general air of panic. Turns out a batch of ballot papers for a different district had been delivered so they were waiting for City Hall to deliver the correct ones.

Eventually a very flustered woman rushed in with the correct papers. "I've jumped three red lights and I'm parked illegally, but I'm here", she exclaimed. The cop on duty just said, "I'll pretend I didn't hear that, ma'am".
Thumbs up to that cop. :D

Though I hope the disorganization you experienced isn't going to turn out representative ...