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I'm afraid I'm one of the people for whom Mother's Day *is* all about flowers (ditto all other major holidays) -- my mom loves them and they're the one thing I know will always make her happy, so I always make sure to get a nice bouquet for her. (Not pre-bound and shop-delivered but hand-selected and bound in the shop while I'm there and then handed over in person.) But precisely because of this I'm well aware how busy flower shops get on major holidays, and I am forever grateful and amazed at how friendly the folks there remain when dealing with customers. I've often wondered whether they would want any flowers or other types of special attention on days like these -- I wouldn't be surprised in the least if many of them responded exactly like your mom!
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Don't get me wrong - my mom loved the holidays from a bottom-line perspective, and she always decked the shop out, but yeah, the closer it got to the day, the more full-on the craziness got. As a kid I remember everyone working until 1am each night on the days leading up to whatever holiday it was. As a pre-teen/teen I did untold numbers of deliveries, either as a helper or as a driver and before the internet, when people wanted flowers to be delivered in other cities and we had to call the order in ... well, god forbid I ever suffer cognitive impairment, but should the worst happen, I'll be the one in the corner muttering "I have an FTD order. Our number is 090886."
Peregrinations 1 month ago
Actually, your picture of the shoe is marvelous. Very artistic. The lighting gives it personality. The shoe is in focus and the background is almost completely without detail such that it makes that simple shoe just pop off the page. And, omg, I just love the baseball stitching.
That's true -- this might well be a professional photographer's picture from an online shoe store or a baseball site!
Ani's Book Abyss 1 month ago
Agreed. I was thinking that the lighting actually gave the picture a really distinct, unique feel. =D
Murder by Death 1 month ago
hehe... thank you all very, very much. As I'm sure you've noticed, it's sitting on the bottom shelf of one of my bookcases - the trade paperback section, lol. That case has overhanding halogen lights, and offered the best option when it came time to snap the pic. :)
My husband used to date a girl whose family owned a flower shop. He would help out with deliveries on Mothers' Day and Valentine's Day and has some very interesting stories to tell. He would sometimes deliver flowers only for the husband/boyfriend to answer the door and tell him that they hadn't ordered them so he'd better taken them back.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Oh, ouch. That never happened to me or anyone at the shop that I knew of. Though our part of Florida is a very aged demographic, so that might cut down on that sort of thing. We did occasionally deliver to famous people though; I remember Lucille Ball and Kathryn Hepburn being on the delivery lists over the years.
Ani's Book Abyss 1 month ago
I can see how your mom would get tired of flowers in that fashion. It's like how my parents got tired of Chinese food after having been cooking all day long at work. At least for a while they were like that, getting extremely excited about going out to a steakhouse or eating out something NOT Chinese. Not so much nowadays, since food is food, but we've included more variety in our dinners than we used to.

And sometimes you just don't want a fuss to be made over holidays that affect you... even birthdays.

And I totally agree with that writerly sin as well. Even though mine is the "unedited, unfinished, poorly written" product being pushed out to be sold, I've always found it a little eye-rolling when authors set out to write a great, inspirational, artistic masterpiece, rather than just telling a story they want to tell. And authors who unabashedly claim that that's what they're doing... really, how arrogant! Especially if you find their book or story boring or personally just don't like it and they decide they have to call you out for not understanding their art.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Yes! This! (The part about calling people out for not 'getting' their art.) Art, imo, comes from pouring your soul out into whatever your medium is, and crafting it to the best of your ability. It's greatness (or lack of) is a by-product of that process (assuming talent exists), not the starting point.