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Kitty Horror 1 month ago
That first part really got to me, I'm glad he's doing well now but that must have been terrifying for all concerned.
I usually have the opposite scenario when it comes to beauty products, the things I love run out quickly and the stuff I want to get rid off seems to last forever. LOL
Murder by Death 1 month ago
It really was a horrifying experience. As a nurse yourself, you might know what I mean when I say that what I saw when I first walked into ICU was his death mask. He looked the way my dad did the day he died. All I could think in that moment was, oh god, no. But truly within hours I was left wondering if I'd imagined the whole thing. Thank all that is holy and scientific.

Usually, I have the same luck you do with beauty stuff - as soon as I realised how much I liked this stuff I started looking for it here, and of course, it's as scarce as hens' teeth. But miracles of miracles I haven't had to say goodbye to it yet. :)
Ani's Book Abyss 1 month ago
Surprisingly, aside from the recent conditioners I've been using, I also have the same luck with a lot of skincare and hair products. There's a moisturizer that I started using a few years back that I go through very quickly, and now I've found that it's being discontinued, which makes me wish I'd stocked up. It was the very first moisturizer that didn't leave me too oily or breaking out. Fortunately, I have a couple back-ups, but still...

In contrast, I'd bought this Hawaiian Sea Salt shampoo and conditioner set that, while okay as a shampoo and conditioner, had a perfume-y smell that I didn't really care for. But I tried to get it used up since I paid for them, and both seemed to have bottomless bottles.
Jennifer's Books 1 month ago
Wow. What a miracle, truly. I'm glad he's doing fine.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Kids are amazing creatures of regeneration, thankfully.
Ani's Book Abyss 1 month ago
Oh my goodness! That certainly is a miracle, and I'm glad he made it through fine. I'm not even sure I've seen a lot of glucose levels get as high as 1300 very often, maybe a couple times, but on adult patients. And they spend hours trying to get the blood glucose to come down. And it's usually great to slowly see each subsequent test result, and be able to call a lower and lower number to the nurse each time.

And also, a facial cleanser made of mud and smelling like limes sounds delightful! I would love to try something like that. Maybe there's something similar I can find online. O.O
Murder by Death 1 month ago
I love using it - I have no idea if it's any better than any other cleanser from a scientific pov, but it feels nice on your skin when you're using it. And it smells good. :D

Amazon has it - :)
Ani's Book Abyss 1 month ago
Ooh. They have all sorts of mud cleansers! I will be browsing this Wild Ferns brand to see if there's anything else I'm interested in. There's a manuka honey one that has caught my eye. Thanks for the link! =D
Murder by Death 1 month ago
You're welcome - I hope you enjoy using them, if you decide to give them a go. :)
Oh -- I just saw they're selling via as well! Very cool.