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Harnessed *and* appearing in a starry sky -- classy!
My Never Ending List 4 weeks ago
Cute post!
Ani's Book Abyss 4 weeks ago
Ooh! Harnessed reindeer in a starry sky! Love it!

And, coincidentally, I went on a library trip a week ago to pay my library overdue fine, and since you can't possibly walk into a library without also looking around and finding SOMETHING to take home with you, I did just that... even though my reading list is kind of packed for December right now. I ended up with two Phyllis A. Whitney books and one Mary Stewart book. 'The Ebony Swan' was one of the books I picked up...
Murder by Death 4 weeks ago
Ooh... I hope you enjoy the Whitneys - but save Ebony Swan for when you're in a languid, slow reading mood. Or maybe it was just me. :D