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Darth Pony 4 weeks ago
I adore A Muppet Christmas Carol! I'm also impressed by Michael Caine's fortitude, and I should very much like to see all of his outtakes.
Murder by Death 4 weeks ago
OH, wouldn't the outtakes be awesome? I'd pay money to see those.
BrokenTune 4 weeks ago
He didn't laugh because he approached it as a serious stage role. At least, that's what he told people. I cannot see how they didn't fall about with laughter when creating some of the scenes.
Best Christmas movie evah! Mr C and watch it every Christmas Eve. I knew he was the man for me when on one of our very first dates, he went to the video store and came back with Muppet Treasure Island. Hell yeah I married him.
OMG, I just noticed ... your red and white wrapping paper is the same I used to wrap one of my mom's presents in! Serendipity!
Murder by Death 4 weeks ago
REALLY?? Oh wow, what are the odds! :)
Seriously!! :)