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Obi 4 weeks ago
Also check the Selous game reserve in Tanzania(perhaps a little less frequented,mind you,a "little"less...)
Murder by Death 4 weeks ago
Oh, thanks for the tip! I hate crowds - and I know they're inevitable, but I'll take a 'little' less any day. :)
Person Of Interest 3 weeks ago
Peter Grant vs. Mr. Punch is a good one. I'm an urban fantasy neophyte, but The Rivers of London series is my fav of the few I've read so far. Are you planning to read safari themed books - fiction and non-fiction - in preparation for your 2020 trip?
Murder by Death 3 weeks ago
I have no plans for any reading at the moment - although once the trip is booked, I'll start loading up on relevant books and driving MT crazy. :)
Maasai Mara -- yes, yes, and yes! :) Oh, and definitely Madagascar as well.