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This sounded cute so I zipped past the library after work to see if they had it. They did. It's really short but there is a "sequal" too. Library had that as well. The illustrations are amusing.
Murder by Death 1 week ago
I *thought* there was a sequel, but didn't know if I just made that up in my head. Will you let us know if it's as good as the first? If so, I might pick it up too (and then totally forget about it). :)
Haha. The library had that too, so I will probably get to it before you do anyway. They also had a book of short stories and another book about bookshops in strange places all over the world by the same author.
Murder by Death 1 week ago
I have the one about bookshops by Cambell and I thoroughly enjoyed it (but then my dream is to open a bookshop where I'm the cranky proprietor that flouts the rules of good customer service and succeeds anyway).
It's good to hear that the bookshop book is good. I took all 4 books home. I don't feel like reading anything substantial at the moment.
Murder by Death 1 week ago
These books are perfect for those stretches. I haven't had the attention span for anything with narrative continuity myself and I've been taking the opportunity to get through these kinds of books in my TBR.
Peregrinations 1 week ago
Still, my favorite from days at Waldenbooks (now defunct bookstore chain) were the people who would ask for the non-fiction section. So hard not to give a snippy answer!