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Elentarri's Book Blog 1 month ago
Neat! And yes, books do get fatter and take up more space without actually having to purchase any additions... a gloomy prospect for those of us running out of space. And heaven help you if you reorganise anything, because the books that used to fit in that space won't fit there anymore.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Yes! How does this work? I blame quantum physics. This wouldn't happen if Einstein were still around.
Elentarri's Book Blog 1 month ago
Quantum physics = Star Trek physics. You have to suspend your belief for it to work. ;)
BrokenTune 1 month ago
Oh, that's very cool!
So, what are you planning for the book space you have just won? *grins*
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Sadly it's not nearly as much space as you'd think, looking at all those books. But what space I did gain is, I think, going to be used to make room on the 'official' shelves for more of my non-fiction collection, which is expanding more rapidly these days than my fiction (except golden age crime... that's keeping apace nicely and needs more shelf space too).

Once the weather cools off (mid to upper 30's all week this week and A/C only in the lounge), I'll tackle the reorganisation of the library - and MAYBE I'll try a modified version of these shelves in there too, to try to make better use of the space.
BrokenTune 1 month ago
That sounds most excellent.
Let me guess: Top 2 rows MT, bottom row yours? -- Love how that one side piece with the unusual pattern seems to take pride of place on the lower left side ...
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Actually no - he started at the far left and worked towards center, and I started at the right side. His books start on the top shelf where you see the first vertical stack of paperbacks. On the second shelf, if you can spot the Dan Browns - those are his and on the bottom his books start at the Hunger Games Trilogy - two of which have white spines and they proceed just after my collection of Aunt Dimity books that all have predominantly black spines. But he did end up with just a bit more than half of the shelf space up there, which he kept apologising for, bless his heart. I just love that I'm not the only one around here piling books up left right and center anymore. :D

(He's writing a review or two again as well; it's taking more time than usual because he still can't use one of his hands -- but I proofread his review of Robin William's biography and it's great. :))
I think in light of the overall distribution of shelf space in your home, MT can be forgiven for taking just over one half this time around, especially if he does so in all humility and with multiple apologies (just tell him not to make a habit of it. :) )

I'm already looking forward to his new reviews. And seriously, I hope BOTH of his hands will be better soon.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
You're right TA - he's entitled; he's put in years of relegated books to small, hidden spaces. He deserves the promotion to large, hidden spaces. :D XD

And I hope his hands improve too - and his feet and his neck. This week has been really, really horrible for him. One hand's swelling goes down and the other hand starts immediately blowing up, while one shoulder (always opposite of the hand, mind you) gets better while the opposed shoulder starts blowing up. He's seeing an acupuncturist tomorrow - fingers crossed that she can bring him some pain relief, if nothing else.
Fingers crossed so very much.
SirSurly's Books 1 month ago
TA - top 2 rows MT? I can grant you the Clancy's, and maybe the Harry Potter's at a pinch (I read very little fantasy), but Janet Evanovich - seriously!?!?

Thanks for your thoughts, turns out I "get" to go gluten free for 6 weeks. Either I'll prosper, or perish...
Needless to say, I hope it'll be "prosper". (Sympathy "ugh" -- I don't even want to think about all the things that gluten is in.)

And, umm, yes, OK. Definitely not Evanovich. :) I couldn't discern the actual book titles / authors, other than the Tom Clancys on the left part of the shelf, but those in the corner on the right side looked like Michael Connelly or David Baldacci (who have similar cover styles with some publishers), so that's what I went by ... ;)
Carissa Green Reads 1 month ago
Magnifique! Also, I love your crown molding.

(And, yes, I quit buying books years ago, when I RAN OUT OF SPACE! Forgive the shouting, I'm sorry. I only buy about half-dozen books a year, now, mostly poetry, and those suckers are skinny! Thank God for libraries!)
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Thanks! I love that crown molding too - but can you believe it's made of plaster? I had no idea that's how they used to do it.

I'll never stop buying books, though at some point I hope to be my TBR down to the point I can start using my local library more heavily, which in turn might relieve how many books I buy. Maybe. It's a dream, anyway. XD
Carissa Green Reads 1 month ago
Plaster! That's old school!
Midu Reads 1 month ago
Looks beautiful!
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Thanks! :)