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Elentarri's Book Blog 1 month ago
Poot kitty. That looks ridiculous.
There must be a better option than to shave the cat just for a few tangles. Won't brushing him more often help? Or putting detangler/conditioner in his fur? I like my dogs - surprising little hair shedding (especially for a German Shepherd) and I don't have to brush them too often either.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
We do brush him almost daily - the problem is he won't let us brush his belly, and of course we can't get under neath his legs, where the matting starts. And it is matting/felting, not just tangles; it starts at the skin level and builds out, which is why they are so hard to spot. I've never considered a conditioner before - we don't bathe our cats, and I'm careful about exposing them to things their livers can't process.

He did NOT need this done though, and frankly, I'd have accepted a bald spot or two over this. He looks like a chimera put together using the wrong size parts. :(

It's not the end of the world, but he does look so damn ridiculous.
Elentarri's Book Blog 1 month ago
Maybe some sort of dry conditioner? Maybe there is something suitable in the baby isle? I use a baby shampoo & conditioner combo on my dogs on the odd occassion they need a bath. No issues if it gets in their eyes, no allergic reaction or itchy skin.

Will he let you "finger combe" his belly and under his legs? How does the kitty parlour do it? Tie him down? My dogs aren't cooperative when I have to cut their claws so they get semi-sedated. The vet mixes up something called ACP. We give it to the dogs at home and while they are goofing off in fairy land we clip their claws.
Debbie's Spurts 1 month ago
Maybe one of the non-sticky hairball remedies that are greasy could act as conditioner? Heavily dilute some olive or fish oil to make sure skin doesn't dry?

There's no way that poor baby is happy wtth that cut. Possibly in super humid hot months it might feel better, but oh the poor thing!

Maybe now that there aren't mats you can try a bunch of different brushes to see if he'll handle one since no tangles?

With three cats, I had to have three different sets of bruches and combs because each would put up with something different. And one would only be brushed with my own hairbrush.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
@Elentarri: He won't let us touch his belly or under his legs at all - even when he has no knots. This is somewhat my fault, as I didn't desensitise him to hit as a kitten; I didn't think to, as my other cats all love a good belly rub.

Part of the problem is the nature of his fur - his downy undercoat is 'sticky' for lack of a better term, so while I can sometimes work out small mats if I can catch them right when they start, I can't just detangle in the sense of dog fur/human hair by running my fingers through it. I have to use both hands and actually pull it apart, and it's not unlike trying to shred felted wool. In fact, wool is probably the best way to describe how his fur mats - although his fur is much silkier and softer than wool. Or was, anyway; when he had it. :-/

The vet always grooms him and until last year they always had to sedate him. We aren't crazy about the sedation being such a regular thing, and is causes him a LOT of distress, so we've been experimenting with having him groomed while one or both of us are with him; the vet has a little oblong donut shaped thing he lays on (on his back) and one of us holds his legs and the other tries to distract him. It's actually worked really well so far, and one of the vet techs is willing to do it at our home, which reduces the stress for him even further. That's what happened yesterday though; she came here, and I was stuck at work, so MT handled it. It went well he said, with 'lito almost purring at one point. I understand they thought they made the right call, so he didn't look like someone had attacked him with scissors. But it's not the decision I'd have made.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
@Debbie: He loves the wire bristle brush we have and verbally reminds us (loudly and persistently) at the top of his lungs when it's time to brush him. He just won't let us touch his belly. He'll let us brush out his tail, but NOT the belly. The matts that caused the full shave were higher up on his hips and I'll say now I'm not sure how we missed those, except that he likes to sit and pose while we brush him, so they may have been hidden under his haunches.
Darth Pony 1 month ago
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! D: D: D: His fluffy majesty! D: D: D:
Murder by Death 1 month ago
I think he identifies more with the joker at the moment. Thank god we don't have any bells in the house...
Kitty Horror 1 month ago
Poor Carlito. He looks so dejected. :(
Murder by Death 1 month ago
It gets worse too: Easter-cat doesn't recognise him and is treating him like a new cat in her territory. It's been hours of hissing, spitting, screaming fun here at casa de los gatos locos.
Elentarri's Book Blog 1 month ago
Shame. Poor kitty
Darth Pony 1 month ago
Ohhhhhhhh noooooooooo!!! Indignity upon indignity! Poor kitty indeed! :(
BrokenTune 1 month ago
OMG. I laughed SO HARD. Sorry.
isanythingopen 1 month ago
It's okay - so did I. We can go share the corner of shame.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
No, don't apologise. It is funny - and he does look insanely ridiculous. I just ... I saw him and slid right through the funny into the omg, it's so funny it's tragic. Plus a little annoyance because the vet and MT both know how I feel about the lion's cut.
BrokenTune 1 month ago
Well, at least he'll be more comfortable in the heat right now. And his glorious furriness will grow back eventually.
Ooooooh 'Lito. All this for two matted spots???!!! Sheer madness.

All I can say is, I hope it grows back. REALLY fast. This is totally inconceivable.
Wanda's Book Reviews 1 month ago
I think you mean "shear" madness, don't you? Ba-dum-bump!
*Snort* :D
Murder by Death 1 month ago

@TA: The spots were apparently really bad and too close to the skin to do without the clippers, and I guess MT and the groomer both felt it best at that point to just let him 'start over'. Not as I said above, the decision I'd have made, but, it's done. I'm just going to spent the next several weeks only looking at him head-on. From the front, he looks like a normal cat. :)
:: Groan :: Talk about needing blinders ...

(And not the decision I would have made, either. In fact, I didn't, with Holly.)
isanythingopen 1 month ago
Poor Carlito! But I'm laughing as well.
Lillelara 1 month ago
Poor Carlito. He doesn´t look happy either.
meeplemaiden 1 month ago
Such a beautiful kitty but it will grow back
Familiar Diversions 1 month ago
Oh man. I can just picture the level of kitty death glare this is inspiring. Poor boy. Hopefully he'll look majestic again soon.
I can relate but also laugh. But I might know where they coming from , I had to shave kitty before because the mats, they were so close to the skin that it was the only way. It grows back fast, and kitty will get used to it too. Just make sure, that her skin wont get too fry and start o get flaky,and than scabby :P I had that issue last time and my cats fur just now starting to come back in and we shaved him on October. Hugs :)
She still super cute :)
Beautiful cat! Oh dear, have you thought of knitting him a sweater?
Murder by Death 1 month ago
That might be the straw that breaks ... well, let's just say a sweater wouldn't go over well. Plus, it IS summer here, so the temps aren't an issue. Sun exposure to his pink skin is, but he will definitely no get cold.
Chris' Fish Place 1 month ago
That cat is going to kill someone.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
He's been expressing his anger on and off all morning. Earlier he absolutely shredded all the paperwork I was trying to get through. It was MT's paperwork, so I like to think Carlito knew that. :)
Of course he did. :D
Tannat 1 month ago
Awww. I feel you, but the mats will be so much better this way. At least Carlito lets you take him to the groomer; Balou needs to be sedated.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
He used to need to be sedated - this is a new thing we've been working on. It takes 2-3 people to do it, but no sedation required and she'll come to our house to do it (she's our vet's tech); it does seem to cause a lot less stress for him. Possibly more stress for the groomer because she has to work faster, but she's getting paid to do it, so I don't feel bad.
Bark at the Ghouls 1 month ago
OMG, I cannot believe they did that without notifying you. I groomed pets for a bit. We would only remove the mats unless otherwise instructed. Poor kitty. At least it will grow back eventually.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Sorry, to be clear, my husband was here - the vet tech came to our house and did it. When the groomer told him she couldn't remove the mats without shaving them off, he made the decision to allow her to do the lion's cut. He's the one in the metaphorical dog house. :D
Bark at the Ghouls 1 month ago
Haha! Poor Carlito. He's still a handsome little lion though :)
My Never Ending List 1 month ago
Oh my Goodness! They poor kitty needs a sweater! I can't believe they did that to him. He looks embarrassed. Poor baby.
Oh the torture, kitty abuse. LOL You will pay ( said in my evilest pretend kitty voice)
Oh my god, poor Carlito! I couldn't help laughing, what a sight to come home to. I say Carlito gets hubby's side of bed to self tonight.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Poor 'lito almost didn't get the bed at all - Easter cat decided he was EVIL and must be thwarted at all costs. It took HOURS before they both got settled last night. Eventually he did get his spot on the foot of the bed (which he prefers). Damn cats - who needs kids?? ;-)
Awwww. Poor little guy. I bet he's miserable. We had to shave my golden doodle because of mats and she was depressed for weeks.
Jennifer's Books 1 month ago
Awwww, the poor baby. :( I hope it grows back quickly!
Person Of Interest 1 month ago
Holy CATastrophe! Poor Lito looks ashamed, and who can blame him. Going to this extreme doesn't make sense to me if the aim is to reduce his stress level to grooming; lots of unnecessary shearing here. I'd be peeved with the Lion cut decision too. How critical is it to remove a mat altogether, do you know? Our neighbor's long haired kitty hangs out on our porch a lot, and when I take pity on him and brush his mats, I just gradually trim away the super bad ones over time.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
Mats can be very problematic. If they get too big, and they're tight to the skin, they can pull when the cat moves, but more problematic is that the mat restricts airflow/oxygen to the skin, and can create ulcers or lesions that can then become infected. Carlito has never had that problem, but I can always tell how happy he is straight after a belly/bum shave, because he starts doing an extreme version of the kitty yoga (what I call it) he does every day, performing exaggerated stretches on the tile floor in the bathroom. :D

I suspect this was a heat-of-the-moment decision that 'sounded good at the time' - those couple of mats were higher up and he was going to have visible bald spots where they were shaved out; MT didn't want him to look like he had mange or lost a battle with a hedge trimmer. So the groomer's suggestion of a lion's cut sounded better in that moment. Our current heat wave was probably a contributing factor too - it was 100 degrees out and the room was hot when the groomer was here; bald probably sounded like a good idea.
Person Of Interest 1 month ago
Thanks for the info. I've never noticed ulcers on Blackie (neighbor cat) or Hoover who we only had for 3-4 years. Long haired kitties do seem to struggle keeping their privates clean, though, so I imagine a butt shave would feel freeing. :) Both Blackie and Hoover adore/adored belly rubs and brushing which makes/made grooming them easy.
Midu Reads 1 month ago
Awwwww I wanna hug him!
BrokenTune 1 month ago
I think most of us wanna hug him. Just not right now, while he's pissed with humanity. ;)
Ani's Book Abyss 1 month ago
Agreed on both--wanna hug him, but probably not while he's sporting that evil glare and pissed off. O.O
ohhhhhh, poor baby!
Ani's Book Abyss 1 month ago
Poor kitty! I understand that mats are pretty bad, but that lion's mane cut! D= He looks so dejected in that last photo... Hopefully all of his fur grows back pretty soon.

My Mom went and got Baby groomed one time, hoping for a nice shave for the summer, and being unaware of how much shave some of those clippers can do, ended up bringing the poor guy home rather bald, with the curly fluff that is his tail the only fur left, as well as some on his ears. She was rather upset, because bald wasn't her intention. She wanted shorter, but not bald.

Now we know better, and fortunately, his fur grew back pretty quickly.