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Elentarri's Book Blog 3 weeks ago
Darth Pony 3 weeks ago
Wow. I'd be willing to brave allergies and sunburn and soreness for scenery like that. Those falls! I LOVE waterfalls! And those trees! Those are the kind of trunks you expect to find fairies living in. ♥
Murder by Death 3 weeks ago
It was truly worth braving all of those things - not once did we go anywhere that was just meh. It kills me that this has been just a couple hours away - that I've DRIVEN through it numbers of times, and it's still taken me 12 years to find it. But I did, and I hope we can go back sooner, rather than later. :)
That looks like a wonderful day! Love all the photos -- the rich green, the waterfalls and tall trees ... though somehow I've always had a particular thing for air roots. They make a tree look so individual and so alive ... as if it could actually move -- twist and turn, or even walk!
Murder by Death 3 weeks ago
I love air roots too - Banyan trees might be my all time favourite tree (MT and I got married under one in Sarasota). But trunks like this I'd never seen before anywhere except in, well, fiction really. I would have loved to have climbed all over them and explored, but, as is the way of things, we'd be completely alone on the path until we came to a tree like these and suddenly there were other hikers coming from all directions, waiting to have their pictures taken, etc. And I was a little worried about 8 legged beauties or no legged beasties getting offended by the turf invasion.
Yes, I would have been as well (was, in fact, when rain forest walking in Queensland and NSW). Still, this looks like an enchanted wood from a fantasy world! You totally expect Rodents of Unusual Size or other strange beasts to show up any minute. Maybe even a dragon ...

And what a great place to get married, under a Banyan tree!
My Never Ending List 3 weeks ago
Wow, that is beautiful! I'm in awe. What a way to spend your birthday. I love the twisted branches and all the different shades of green. Did you see any wildlife? Thanks for sharing,
Murder by Death 3 weeks ago
Actually, we saw very few. I did spot a wallaby on our last stop (or a small kangaroo, I can never tell the difference), and a few birds here and there, but otherwise, no. Everything was so gorgeous though, that we didn't even comment on it until we were done for the day, and thought, 'wow - we actually didn't see much wildlife'. :)
Beautiful! And I could have handle way more photos :)
Murder by Death 3 weeks ago
I have a Facebook album chock full of more photos. We went a little nuts with our cameras that day. :D
BrokenTune 3 weeks ago
Absolutely gorgeous! And those fern trees are amazing, aren't they? Did you feel a little bit like you were in the Lost World somewhere?
Murder by Death 3 weeks ago
Every single time. We had a really average tv series on air when I was a kid called Land of the Lost, and that theme song always goes through my head every time I'm in a fern tree forest. They instantly make anyplace feel primeval.
Char's Horror Corner 3 weeks ago
Mike Finn 3 weeks ago
Great pictures. It’s not easy stuff to photograph but you’ve given me a taste of the place. Thank you. And happy birthday.
Murder by Death 3 weeks ago
Thanks Mike! Normally I have to take a disproportionate number of photos to get a few good ones, but this park is so picturesque it was hard to take a bad photo; we ended up with over 200 by the end of the day, and there weren't a lot that got thrown out. That never happens for me. :)
Jessica (HDB) 3 weeks ago
Oh wow, that's gorgeous! And happy belated birthday!
Happy Birthday, and damn, now I really want to go to Australia, so amazing...especially with the weather we're having right now. Even the USPS isn't running today or tomorrow.
Murder by Death 3 weeks ago
Wow. Hope it thaws out soon!
Rachel's books 3 weeks ago
Happy birthday! Gorgeous pictures!
Ani's Book Abyss 3 weeks ago
Happy belated birthday! And oh my, those are gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing these.
Murder by Death 3 weeks ago
Thanks everyone, for the birthday wishes! You all are the best bookish friends a girl could ask for. :)
Happy belated birthday! Those photos are stunning! What a fun way to spend your day.