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Judging by your status updates, you had figured out what was going on impressively early. Though I agree -- the solution is so incredibly along the lines of an afterthought, after the book's final deluge. And this is absolutely a book that warrants reading repeatedly -- one of Sayers's gifts that keep on giving.
Murder by Death 1 month ago
It was the um... bits that were missing (trying not to spoil), paired with Whimsey's trip to France, that tipped me off as to identity. The COD was obvious to me from the moment we knew where he was, though I was too confused about the actual dates involved to feel confident about it, until later in the book. I was totally wrong about what happened to his face though; I thought that was Paul's fault for most of mid-part of the story.

My (cheap) edition's cover started to fall apart while I read it, so yesterday I got out the book repair kit and patched it up, because this is definitely a book I'm going to be pulling off the shelves again and again, and I can't have the jacket disintegrate. :D
Umm. I'm impressed with your tenacity in hanging on to this edition -- I'd probably have taken its cover's falling apart within one single read as a hint to acquire a more durable edition ... with larger print! :)
Murder by Death 1 month ago
I probably will one of these days - when I run across a good old edition (with bigger type). :D