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Is the series deliberately called WTF?
Makes you wonder if NO ONE at the publisher's noticed, doesn't it?!
Murder by Death 8 years ago
::snort:: I did not even see that. Oh my, lol.....
Or no one has ever heard of maritime code. Or watched a crime show where they're radioing in a license plate number.
Murder by Death 8 years ago
It is loosely based on the maritime code, the story of how she got her nickname is told in the course of the story.
I have the same issue about animals and people... and a similar determination to avoid books that end poorly for the animals. Bambi was a trauma!
Murder by Death 8 years ago
I don't actually have a clear memory of seeing Bambi but my sister has a crystal clear memory of me losing my mind at the top of my lungs and having to be dragged out of the theatre screaming, when Bambi's mom is shot. Neither my mom nor my sister ever took me to a movie again, ever.
I not only *saw* Bambi (and wailed - I was 4), but had the book. Guaranteed tears there, too.
Sandi 8 years ago
Don't remember Bambi, but have NEVER forgotten Old Yeller. Nope sad animal books not for me, there's enough of that in real life! Agree completely with the rest of you, except Sarah - WTF ?!? I never would have noticed that, had to go back to the cover & look again to see it - love it! I'm tempted to read this just because of that, & I also am not interested in 'fantasy' animals, although I do believe they do have a 'sixth sense'.
Murder by Death 8 years ago
Ugh! Old Yeller. More evidence that Disney secretly hated children. Our teacher made us watch that film in second grade. The movie ended and the lights came up and she had 28 bawling children on her hands.

If someone had told me about this book, I'd have passed on it. I would have said it was missing what I like in a book (romantic elements to keep things lively) and had elements I don't find appealing (talking animals). But there's something about the writing that ended up working for me, and I really loved this book. Although, to be fair, there was a paragraph or two about the history of one of the animal ghosts that I had to skip, because, just - people! Ugh!
Yeah, we saw that in 3rd grade. 35 bawling students.

Our next film was "Pippi Longstocking," which I think was a good idea!
Lyssa's novel ideas 8 years ago
I just picked this up at Barnes & Noble. One of the few books they actually don't have at my library.

When you get books from NetGalley, do you still buy them as well?
Murder by Death 8 years ago
I do, if I've really liked them. I prefer physical books to digital, so if I think it's one I want to re-read, I'll buy it. Sometimes, I've already pre-ordered a book I request via NetGalley - I just want to read it sooner. :D