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Rane Aria 9 years ago
I like this a tad more then you. I found Izzy a woman who lived with rose colored glasses and had to grow up when things didn't go as "plan" I see alot of growth in her future. (Plus I really liked the dynamic between her and Sean)
I wouldn't be surprised that Ghandi was adopted by that cankerous neighbor or the aunt?
Murder by Death 9 years ago
I really liked what the author was doing between Izzy and Sean too, but I didn't mention it because I couldn't remember Sean's name and didn't have the book with me. :D I agree with your thoughts about Izzy growing up and I did see it already towards the end of the book, so I have high hopes.

The last time Ghandi made an appearance in the book, he was running out the back door of the cantankerous neighbour's shop, out into the cold. Perhaps the author will follow up in the next book, but I find myself worrying over a fictional guinea pig in a Minnesota winter! lol