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The Butler Did It 9 years ago
Those kinds of editing errors drive me nuts too! How can professional writers miss stuff like that?
Murder by Death 9 years ago
I have to believe that that first scene was one that was worked on several times and perhaps started out as a bigger scene with more participants and by the end they just weren't catching things. But you'd think someone with fresh eyes would have read the finished product and caught it before publishing.... There's no explanation, imo, for the towel thing...
Degrees of Affection 9 years ago
I hate errors like that; like you, it's jars me out of my reading. Sorry this didn't live up to your hopes. The early ones sound interesting though. I like stories set in Maine, so I'll have to check out the first few.
Murder by Death 9 years ago
Definitely check them out; I tried to be fair in my review - this series isn't bad at all. I was thinking about it more this afternoon, and after the first three, there was a gap for a couple of years, so I assumed she was done with the series (or the publisher was). I was ok with that; it was a pleasant series but I wasn't devastated to see it end. Then when she published the fourth book I sort of felt compelled to buy it and read it; I probably should have just stopped at three.
nospin 9 years ago
You can feel pre-orders, FYI
Lyssa's novel ideas 9 years ago
I noticed this in one of the earlier books in this series, one of the characters goes back and forth between wearing a sweater and a flannel in the same scene. I guess you could wear them at the same time, but it didn't read like that.
Murder by Death 9 years ago
Guess that means I can look forward to more of the same in book 6.