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Debbie's Spurts 9 years ago
The two things I find worse about romances than too much togetherness are: (1) the ones where for 23 of 24 chapters they do hateful (or misunderstood) crap to each other or nothing happens then in last chapter they are madly in luv and all over each other (possibly after a handful of dialogue lines resolving misunderstanding that one talk would have cleared up on first chapter) with über wish fulfillment happy ending or a cliffhanger ending. Or (2) long involved love triangles (particularly YA/NA trilogies where first book has MC torn between two love interests with a clear front runner, next book switches where it's the other love interest in front, then on third book MC doesn't have to choose because one sacrifices self heroically saving MC or turns out to be a villain of completely different character).

I love Nora Roberts books. Because she can write characters with often interesting plots and twists. And you can see why the lovers are interested in each other. That said, Nora Robert books can be very formulaic so not necessarily the best to "break the mold."

I do have to space them out; it's pretty predictable that if the lovers have siblings/cousins or BFF's close enough to be like siblings that the next book in series will be getting them all matched up with each other. Always a good read anyway.
Murder by Death 9 years ago
I agree - I truly despise the "misunderstanding" as a plot device, and it's turned me off from romances for years. Talk it out people!

As for love triangles - I am just not going to read them. They've been quite the fad in cozy mysteries lately and we're getting mutinous about it; a lot of my friends have started dropping series that try to introduce it.

I'm on my third N.R. at the moment (the second Inn Boonsboro - another slow slow day at work) and I'm still enjoying the read. Any further reading will definitely be spaced out; I have a lot of other books covering subjects I like a lot more waiting for me, but these are quick, light reads I can do from my computer with no one the wiser. :)
Between The Lines 9 years ago
I love this series, one of my favourites. Especially since it’s a real place, really made me want to visit. Hope you enjoy :) If I had to choose the 2nd book would be my least favourite but the third is excellent
Murder by Death 9 years ago
I'm about halfway through the second one and I really like the humour, but yeah, it seems like it's going to try to be uber-romantic, and that's not my style. I guess I'll find out. :)