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silverneurotic 9 years ago
I read In a Sunburnt Country and loved it. I've read many of his books after that one and I love his travel writing. I'm actually reading the Lost Continent right now. His best though, was A Walk in the Woods.
Murder by Death 9 years ago
"Down Under" and "Sunburnt Country" are both the same book. One of those 'different titles for different countries' thing that apparently makes sense to somebody.

I've also read "A Walk in the Woods" and loved it!
Murder by Death 9 years ago
There are a lot of critters that can kill you here - but so far, I've only seen redback spiders, which are the same as our Black Widows at home. I'm in the south part of the country though - I think I'd be more nervous living up in the north, and I'd for damn sure never get in the water.
The whole aboriginal history is very interesting and something I only learnt about last year in youth work (we did an exstensive study into it) and I can say about 80% of the class was shocked by what they learnt and most agreed this should of been stuff we were taught at school. We're Australian surely we should have a good understanding of the austrailian history. But sadly it has been kept mainly hidden from the general public unless you knew to look for it. I like how there attempting to do something more public about it now. Wont change the past but will hopefully fix the future for the aboriginal culture and its people.
Murder by Death 9 years ago
I'll admit, what we did to Native Americans is rather glossed over in school history as well. It's hard to make peace with a past that isn't confronted - at least a formal apology was issued to the Aboriginals, if only recently.

I'm eager to find out more; I'd love to find a collection of the dreamtime stories, if such a thing is published. I understand that they don't share what they consider sacred with outsiders. Something I'm definitely going to do more research on.
Well the whole stolen generation only happened like .... 50years ago apparently. Seems crazy!

Apparently if you can get to know someone in their community and they like and trust you you can get invited in and meet the others. Once that happens I believe their fairly open. Some people from my class have been invited in and they said it was an amazing experience.
Its hard for any social workers to help you haven't met the Elder because they are just not trusted and after the whole stolen generation nightmare who can blame them?.
I believe there are books and shows/movies about the dreamtime stories - mainly in children's sections. Should ask your Liberian about it.