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Yey -- another cozy series with a cat! This is going on my TBR list straight away. Echos of "The Cat Who ..." or "Mrs. Murphy"?
Murder by Death 9 years ago
I haven't read Mrs. Murphy - I can't do talking cats. But I would say definite shades of Koko now that I think about it. Definitely Koko...
Oh, good, no talking (or "thinking") cat -- all the better. It sounded more like Koko anyway ... or his distant cousin. I'll gladly take some more of Koko and his ilk!
Degrees of Affection 9 years ago
Agreed! It's going on my TBR list...and yes, I was thinking of Koko while I read this. I need to re-read those books!
So do I, it occurs to me ... :)
Rane Aria 9 years ago
I think the overall trouble I had with this book was the attention to detail about what people are "doing". Whether it's eating, what their eating, wearing or just climbing the steps. Sofie Ryan aka Sofie Kelly does that alot in her other series. I don't know how many times the stinky homemade cat crackers are mention in every book. Of course like her other series her lead feline just shines!
Murder by Death 9 years ago
I agree there was a fair amount of descriptive detail, but I didn't find it to be more than I had patience for. I think it's interesting though, what sticks out for some readers and what doesn't for others. You and I have agreed many times on things we both like and dislike in a particular book, but every so often something will hit one or the other of us completely differently. It makes writing reviews so much more fun, especially here on BookLikes where you get comments beyond "I liked this one too!" etc.
Rane Aria 9 years ago
I couldn't agree more with you, I always love reading about others views on books. For me it always gives me food for thought on the book