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Degrees of Affection 8 years ago
Agree but sorry it wasn't what you expected! Yeah, you know it bad when you start picturing which one of the main people in the book you most want to die or be the killer.
Rane Aria 8 years ago
Thank you for your determination in getting this far in the series! If we want Frenemies we just turn on some dumb reality show
Murder by Death 8 years ago
The Butler Did It 8 years ago
Thanks for the warnings, as always. Nice to know what series to skip.

Murder by Death 8 years ago
I'm always wary of warning people away from books - what doesn't work for me might work for them, but no, I can't recommend this one. I think the author meant well but it just didn't work.
Stewartry 8 years ago
I hate that level of cattiness in a book - well, anywhere. Good on you for not wasting any more time on something you weren't enjoying.