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Degrees of Affection 8 years ago
Good to know about these books...I'll be sure to handle with care. I hope you can eventually forgive...but not forget.

I hate crying because I cry when I'm frustrated or mad more then when I'm sad. It has to hit me just right for sad crying. For life issues, I bottle them up and then cry four months later when I break plate or something. (True story; I felt like the lowest person on earth that I couldn't cry over my Great Grandfather's passing, then months later I broke a plate and my mom was scared to death I'd gotten cut while I sobbed like crazy.) And yes, my eyes swell and I have headaches after.
Murder by Death 8 years ago
I cry when I get really angry too, but I get angry when I should get sad so crying-wise, I'm screwed either way. :) When my dad died I acted more like a cornered animal than grief-stricken; everybody sort of kept out of my way. Definitely not the socially polite thing to do, but as I was a renowned "daddy's girl" I think everyone understood. On the flip side, when my sister passed away I didn't cry at all; like you, it was several weeks? months? later and I remember, it was something small, but I just absolutely lost the plot until I was a sodden lump.

On the lighter side of things, last year our neighbors had some contractors over to do some work and they squashed all my snow peas in my garden and I was so angry I just burst into tears. MT had the most comical expression on his face; he couldn't figure out what was going on because it never occurred to him I'd be crying over peas. :D
Degrees of Affection 8 years ago
Sorry to hear about all that...but I do understand the reactions.

Peas! I'd totally do that. I've cried in front of teachers who wouldn't accept homework after a computer literally ate my disk (so mad because the teacher who saw this and who said they didn't even know that could happen wrote a note and everything - eventually worked out), I've cried in front of college payment people when they screwed up a payment...It's so embarrassing because you want to tell them off and all you can do is cry.