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Degrees of Affection 8 years ago
Sorry to hear! That's always the way it is, that one book you spent that little extra on because you thought it's be worth it. Sounds painful, and I usually love local ghost stories. It's the folklorist in me.

Everything back to normal yet? Are you recovered sufficiently from your global jaunt?
Murder by Death 8 years ago
I'm getting there slowly. Coming back has been harder on me than going over. Not quite at 75% yet. :)
Degrees of Affection 8 years ago
Sorry to hear it's gone so slow. I'm assuming by now you both are back to the swing of things; we're getting ready for another trip down soon. A friend's wedding is taking place around the middle of the month that is close enough to my parents that we can stay with them. It will be good to see them, and also means one less person my friend has to worry about before the wedding.