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TeaStitchRead 8 years ago
The thing about the rushed romance would have killed it for me (no pun intended!). Cozy mysteries are generally a long series, so spreading out the romance over 2-3 books should be a norm. I also prefer my amateur sleuth to work under the radar.
Murder by Death 8 years ago
Agreed. Her blatant "investigation" really turned me off from the beginning; I really prefer cozies where the clues and solution come to the sleuth in the course of everyday life as opposed to the amateurs who think they can do it better than the police. The instant-relationship pretty much sealed the deal.

Some good stuff, but not enough to overcome the stuff I didn't care for. (Which is too bad, b/c the author is in one of my GR groups and she's really nice and not at all pushy - I would have really liked to like this book.)
8 years ago
I don't like it when the stories disrespect law enforcement. I feel sometimes it's a cop out (pun intended). How do I explain how the police didn't figure it out for themselves? Oh yeah- I'll make them morons. Too many cozies handle the issue well without doing that.
Rane Aria 8 years ago
This just put me on the edge, from the animal abuse that the lead did nothing about nor cared enough to do anything about and her acting like a teenager and the "relationship" this book was a complete turn off
Murder by Death 8 years ago
I REALLY disliked the amount of abuse portrayed in the book, but I didn't mention it in my review because I could understand what the author was trying for; but I agree with you; the MC didn't take a strong enough stand against abuse she saw. What happened to that poor Rottweiler she left behind???

Story building or not, the MC lost me when she suggested euthanasia as a viable option for a treatable condition.
Rane Aria 8 years ago
It's been a few months and still this book puts me on edge. I know about the abuse but one is just as guilty when they turn a blind eye to it.
That part made me very ill to the point of tears! My Cat has diabetes and it can be very expensive - but with kind people I work with at my local vet and pharmacy and a few budget cuts - I still have my cat healthy and happy in my life who just turned 15 two months ago and the mere suggestion of euthanasia because it may inconvenience you or your to selfish to seek help like this MC. I couldn't return this book fast enough to Amazon!