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The Butler Did It 8 years ago
It is pretty amazing how wrong the book blurbs can be even when coming straight from the publisher.
Sometimes I read them, read the book, and go "Did we read the same book? Did you read this book at all?"
8 years ago
I agree! This used to happen to me with a certain author's books. Two of them - the blurb stated the book had this amazing premise and what it said was true but only - as Obi-Wan said- "from a certain point of view". I felt misled. The second time it happened, I just decided to stop reading him.
Murder by Death 8 years ago
I sort of wonder sometimes if the blurb isn't written when the very first draft is submitted, then the story is edited / chopped up / rewritten and no one thinks to change it.

Other times, it's just obvious whoever wrote the summary just didn't pay enough attention to what they were reading.