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4 years ago
I'm actually finding myself reading occasional 'women's fiction' and even the odd children's book, due mostly to Netgalley. It's good to push those parameters.
Net Gallery is the besft place to find those options for sure and I agree thats its good to push those parameters.Last year I read a lot of young adult authors and several I found that I loved.This year its all different genes and by doing so I never seem to be in any kind of reading slump.
TeaStitchRead 4 years ago
Lately I have been getting back into YA paranormal/fantasy and even some MG stuff that I missed when I was a kid.
Last year its seemed for me that was a majority of my reading material found some really awesome authors too this year its all kinds of genes and trying new things.And thanks to my local library system I found myself reading authors I never heard of before and falling in love with them.
TeaStitchRead 4 years ago
Libraries rock!
Wylde's series was a bit of an outlier for me too. The series just keeps getting better and better and I can't wait for Fathomless
I totally agree I would never have picked up on this series if it didn't come up in a search from my local libraries system of recommended reads for me based on my reading history...