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markk 3 years ago
Reading your review reminded me of the contrast between Tolkein's novels and the movies on which they're based. It seems that filmmakers and showrunners better appreciate that there's a female audience for their work than do the authors of the books on which they're based.
I totally agree! Women are a growing audience everywhere and it's good the showrunners and producers of TVs and movies are ready to accpet us and include us more.

Besides this, I think they seem to care that so many years have passed and the difference of audiences is clear. Tolkien is much older than Del Toro and Hogan, and so the change to actually include more women on his works was more than welcome. In The Strain's case, Del Toro and Hogan are the ones who are producing and writing, so it was their decision to upgrade their TV series, not only considering the technological advances of 2014, but also the role of a woman in it. Six years do not seem much, but comparing 2009's television and 2014/2015 shows how much it evolved in terms of diversification. And I'm glad they decided to make the change and give us more, instead of keeping the same story of the books :)