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Mike Finn 3 months ago
Great title and a bold concept.
Kat's Books 3 months ago
Absolutely!! It really’s such a fun book.
Your friend AE (guest) 3 months ago
Great review, Kat!
Kat's Books 3 months ago
Thank you so much!!! Thanks for reading!
I loved reading your review, Kat! When I first heard of this book, I genuinely thought it was one of Mackenzi Lee's books. Turns out, it's a wonderful novel set in the Elizabethan age and as you reiterated. I really hope I can get my hands on this one soon. I'm just trash for anything remotely set in the Tudor age.
Kat's Books 3 months ago
Thank you!!! You REALLY need to get a copy; it’s marvelously clever and with all the direct references to real historical figures, it makes it even more vivid. If you do love Mackenzi Lee, I guarantee this will blow your mind. Thanks for commenting :)