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SilverThistle 5 years ago
OMG that's too cute!! Is (S)he yours?

Merry Christmas to you and yours too :)
Yes, that is my 8 month old Norfolk Terrier pup Raider (or, in this case, he is 'Raideer') LOL
Cuteness overload!
Ha ha, i see by your avatar you caught a canine reindeer too! So cute!!
Eheh Yes, this is Reindeer Hercules. I "caught" him last year ;)
This year I decided to do the same to his brother, Fiel!
What a precious little puppy!
Moonlight Reader 5 years ago
So cute!
Angela 5 years ago
Howe cute.
So very cute!
Sock Poppet at Play 5 years ago
I want that dog!

Or at least one just like him. He's too cute.

Happy Holidays to you, too, Karlyn.
Adorable !
Rane Aria 5 years ago
What a cutie-pie!!

Happy Holidays Karlyn!! *hugs*