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BooksChatter 6 years ago
Absolutely, except that the publishers did not choose to cancel the box set, most of the other 11 authors elected to pull their work from the project, which was therefore cancelled.
nospin 6 years ago
The other authors pulled out in solidarity with Jenny after the publisher would not publish with Trout included
Thanks Books Chatter & Nospin, I will edit that part.
BooksChatter 6 years ago
Hi Nospin, that is not what it sounded like from her blog or personal posts. Her blog seems to state that they could have chosen to publish without the one opposing author (thus loosing the promotional support offered by her publishing company), whilst retaining Jenny's work.

This is the full quote from her blog:
"an author in the set was uncomfortable having her story sold alongside mine. OTHER AUTHORS were given the choice to either release the anthology without me, delay the release of the boxed set indefinitely, OR RELEASE THE SET WITH MY STORY INCLUDED, in which case the author who objected would withdraw from the project and her publishing company would withdraw promotional support. The majority decided that they would pull their stories from the boxed set rather than kick me out, and that was, sadly, the end of the Bad Boy Next Door boxed set."
Ahh! Ok. So it was one author, not the publisher, who ended up putting the stop to this. By her pulling out it threw the project into a tail spin unless the author agreed to release her book along side of JT. Which she didn't. So the options being what they were, everyone else just pulled out.

So am I to believe (correctly, no doubt) that many (if not all) of these authors were contacted by the pro STGRB faction? Probably. It's how they play.
BooksChatter 6 years ago
Supposedly. My understanding is that in the end more than one author decided not to publish along side Jenny.
It is all very sad and unnecessary.
Sock Poppet at Play 6 years ago
I find it so ironic that Anne Rice deleted comments because she claimed they were bringing 'malicious gossip' to her FB page.

Yet she supports STGRB, which is nothing but malicious gossip.

Anne Rice also deleted those comments because they were to 'trash talking blogs.'

Yet she supports STGRB, which is nothing but a trash talking blog (their comments are among the worst malicious trash talk I've seen).

Something is wrong Anne's view of the world.
BooksChatter 6 years ago
Indeed. Her hypocrisy is astonishing. One has to wonder if she is still in full possession of her faculties.

Eventually all of this will have to come to a head properly and surely it cannot end well.
I cannot figure out what she is getting out of this.

But most of all I cannot fathom why those closest to her do not sit her down and make her see sense, but continue to allow her to make such a spectacle of herself.

it is all beyond me.
ICU 6 years ago
Bought that novella this morning
I bought the novella this morning as well.
I bought also. Great post, Karlynp.