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Cool! Thank you.
No problem :-)
Cool, thanks
Sock Poppet at Play 6 years ago
I love how easy it is to follow your tutorial, Karlynp, except it didn't work. I got stuck on #7. I copied the url right from my blog, but after I click on Get Tracking Code and accept, I get this message under my website url:

Value is not a valid domain. (e.g.,
Thanks, KLP!
I so have to do that! Thanks!!
willaful 6 years ago
Dumb question, but how do we access the info it collects?
go to and sign in. Click on the line that has data, it should have a globe symbol. Default text is 'all web data' but that could be customized.
willaful 6 years ago
P.S. I found a simple way to do this, I think. Go to settings, then to blog. There's a specific box in which to paste in the code.