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Is it OK if I reblog this?
Yes! Blog away, use screenshots, have fun!
Archer's Asylum 5 years ago
I am so sick of Anne Rice and her bullshit. So because I don't like a book I should keep quiet and not say anything? I shouldn't point out her, or other authors, bad behaviour? I'm sorry, but fuck that. If a book is shit, I'm gonna say it's shit. If an author is being an asshole I'm gonna say they're being an asshole. And right now, Anne, you're being a fucking asshole.
Sock Poppet at Play 5 years ago
The picture at the beginning of your post is just awesome!

Anne Rice makes herself look like an uneducated, ignorant ninny by claiming all the information against STGRB is 'too dense' and then deleting everyone who doesn't support her views.
I love that photo. Is that you behind one of the masks? It might be Jenny Trout. Or me! :-)
Sock Poppet at Play 5 years ago
How did you know it was me?

I'm the one with the cigar and machine gun. I don't smoke and I can't even load the weapon, but the hat! I had to have the hat.

Plus, you know . . . CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!

Psst . . . you wield a mighty fine bat there, yourself!
Yep, that is me! I guess you know I am too tall to be the guy with the knife. That must be Jenny. :-)

BTW, love your hat!! So styling.
Sock Poppet at Play 5 years ago
Btw, I'm going to link to this post on Amazon.
Please do!
Just when I thought Anne Rice couldn't get any more stupid; she goes and surpasses herself. Silly woman.
I have to quit being surprised by her, I really do. But she still surprises me, and I never realized just how much she hates negative reviews. Or how little she understands of the internet in today's world.
Thanks for this. The mind boggles.
Boggles and boggles and boggles...
Just for starters, yes. She denies she has a problem with negative reviews, but actions over the last 10 years speaks louder than words. But given all of that I was seriously shocked she sided with Yvonne Mason, who based on those links repeatedly harassed reviewers.
thank you!
KindleRomance 5 years ago
Thanks for putting this together with the screen shots. Agree - mind boggling. It's almost unbelievable.
Almost, but not quite. I have so many more screen shots, maybe I should do a follow up post.
Archer's Asylum 5 years ago
With this and her past of attacking people with dissenting opinions, I'm loathe to read any of her works again or to go near any of her new material.
I've never been tempted to pick up one of her books, and I'm certainly not going to now!
Archer's Asylum 5 years ago
You're not missing much. They all need a good edit
Archer's Asylum 5 years ago
She can't accept that she is not flawless
I've never read her books, but my good friend loves Anne Rice's books and is very excited for Prince Lestat. I really envy my friend in a way, as she hasn't been tainted by all of the author-reviewer drama. And I don't want to kill that excitement for her. She knows I don't care for Rice's view on reviewing, but I don't want to drag her into the dark cray-cray drama. I honestly hope her new book is awesome, because so many fans will be plopping down big bucks and many hours to read it. But I won't be one of them, not a chance.
I still can't work out if she's unbelievably stupid, incredibly naive, or if she knows exactly what she's doing.
Archer's Asylum 5 years ago
Honestly? I think it's all a marketing ploy so people will buy her new book because she is being seen on "teh internetz" so is obviously down with all "teh kewl kids". She doesn't give a shit about readers, reviewers or other authors. She just wants to sell her book and look like a hero whilst doing it. Self agrandising egotist that she is
Marketing ploy? It's hard to believe it is anything else, but given her history she might just be bored and needing another cause to champion. Her support of STGRB can't possibly help her sell books, if anything it will be the opposite. I have no doubt many big book bloggers will skip reviewing her book because of her hateful stance against reviewers. But most readers don't follow the drama of her life, so many will never know.
Archer's Asylum 5 years ago
Nenia... you will soon be destroyed BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ahem.
Archer's Asylum 5 years ago
Because you're far too positive to be allowed to survive lol. That and because you're a big raging bully.
Archer's Asylum 5 years ago
No publicity is bad publicity
Sock Poppet at Play 5 years ago
I'm sooooooo glad you're getting some good buzz out of this whole situation!

Hugs! (And don't think I won't be exploiting the whole "I knew her when" vibe when you get rich and famouser. ;)
Kaia 5 years ago
Much as I can't stand Anne Rice, I do love the irony of her calling someone else's writing "dense."
I am still wrapping my head around that one too. The posts at STGRB are often nonsensical, so is she just scanning the screen shots?
That is good news Nenia! STGRBs post was just like the rest of their posts: it told only a very small part of a bigger story and they served it with a large scoop of negative slant. I realize some people will believe anything posted on the internet, but many are smart enough to discern what really motivates STGRB. And attacking their so-called 'enemies' (as opposed to objectively reporting a story) is mission number 1 for them.
BooksChatter 5 years ago
I have been a fan of Anne Rice's for the last 30 yrs and I had no idea about any of this stuff.

As she posted about the STGRB two days ago I decided to have a look - some stuff looked plausible, but other just looked like far fetched slander (although my attention span on that site was very limited given its chaotic layout - I cannot believe AR claims it is a well presented site).
Therefore I had my doubts, which were compounded by the reservations I already had about the way in which AR campaigns about Amazon forcing forum users to display their real names.
On the other hand I had also seen comments in GR reviewers groups that had made me cringe. So I had an open mind, and I started to read some replies, and I soon chanced upon Yvonne Mason, "bullied author".

I made the mistake of investigating and posting my findings, which revealed NONE of the "internet trolls" that AR talks about, but just a very ill tempered author who was unable to deal with negative reviews (note: I did my best to be polite and factual, and resisted all and any temptation to comment on Yvonne's writing style in her blogs, which had firmly confirmed everything that the negative reviews had bemoaned - ranting and a plethora of spelling and grammatical errors).

Of course, without a word, Anne Rice promptly banned me and behaved as if I was a bully! (not before Yvonne, crime investigator and law enforcer, had called me Fiona, told me that I "should have asked [her] before [I] went looking" and that "it is easy for [her] to find out who people are." - not that she would EVER threaten anyone, you understand...).

I found this out just this morning, and I was very, VERY upset. I hate bullies and unfairness, and being treated like one was soul crushing
Then I found posts such as this one (love the twitter post by Jenny Trout!) - thank you! Thank you!
I now feel like a should be wearing, with pride, a badge "I am a gangster bully and I was banned by AR!"

And as for you, "The Armchair Librarian", public enemy n.1, scourge of all indie authors.... I definitely want to find out more about you and I am just checking out your blog ;-) (btw loved your comments above!)
Thanks for the comment Flora. I never heard of Yvonne Mason prior to Anne's thread on FB, but when I checked out the links you posted I thought "FINALLY! She will have to listen to reason!" But nooooo, she just went on a deletion spree and stuck her head back in the sand (or, other places depending on who you ask).

The biggest problem with STGRB is they take bits of truths and then twist them to fit their vendetta agenda. They deliberately leave out a lot of facts because they might tone down the fear and drama they want to build. Even today the imply Goodreads allowed shelves for "death to authors", which they KNOW never happened. But they LOVE to spread fear, and they hate Goodreads because most of them were banned for behaving like ass-wipes. And now they have a bat-crazy author drinking their Kool-aid and singing their praises.

Truthfully, this whole Anne Rice bit has me worried for her. Anne is a gullible woman, and it is frightening how much she is willing to put at stake to support a site that so many people like you can see right through.
Archer's Asylum 5 years ago
^^ All lies. She is the spawn of satan.
U Banned!! :-)
Archer's Asylum 5 years ago
G'wed get the ban hammer out! You wouldn't ban me! I'm not popular enough lol
Dear god, the stupid, it burns!!! I am in awe, yes, awe, of how "dense" Anne Rice is. Thank you for all the hard work you've done on this!!
Reading Wolf 5 years ago
In the words of The Hound, "Fuck the King".
Archer's Asylum 5 years ago
Fuck the Kingsguard. Fuck the city.
Dream | Escape | Read 5 years ago
I've always blacklisted Anne Rice, but this really does take the cake. My distaste for her is growing by the minute.
I know! Check out this Amazon review & comment, it is another person claiming to have been deleted by Anne Rice for speaking out about Yvonne Mason. This is really sad, but if that is the kind of person Anne Rice supports -- death threats and all -- we are better off knowing the truth.
BooksChatter 5 years ago
This is the very review the author was referring to when she said she was being bullied. The very person I was talking about in my post: she left a comment on the author's FB page using a pseudonym and the author blogged about her using her FULL real name!

I really thought you did the right thing bringing it to Anne's attention. I saw the review and read some of her blog posts, and felt as you did. Now going back to the review I see some comments have been added, and the one I linked to is just as disturbing. For Anne to simply dismiss TWO people who wanted nothing more than to warn her, and instead side with an author who appears to be a monster, is an unbelievably bad PR move.

I posted a Tweet yesterday regarding this, and I was surprised by the reaction. It got a dozen retweets within minutes.
Yes, I saw it. A broken record response. But she is welcome to her opinion. Heck, I have one too. They're like assholes, amiright? Here is my opinion: The authors who believe that the entire internet should follow their protocol simply because it is their opinion, will end up as disappointed as Yvonne, Anne and all of the STGRB supporters. We've all said it a thousand times, they don't seem to understand how the internet works. They are not in charge of it, and we're not in charge of it. But posting using a pseudonym is not illegal in any free world country. They need to deal with reality, not live in some fantasy of how life should be. They might be happier for it.