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Great article, thanks for sharing
no problem Yodamom, I too thought it was well done.
Oh that poor little naive anon. "Why won't more authors support this site?" Um, how about because they're a bunch of rabid, hate-filled, douchebags who will doxx anyone who speaks out against them.
They deleted that post just a few hours later. They can't have links to a post that logically explains why they are horrible people!
Sock Poppet at Play 4 years ago
JBG's comment is quite interesting. He seems to be saying that authors won't support the site because they fear they would be targeted and lose readers.

Are all the authors who would support it except they're so fearful of being targeted really that gutless? What does that say about them?

And what about the authors who don't support the site? Many authors have been attacked by that site for speaking out against them. They still spoke out.

Jenny Trout has been targeted and has her income affected. She's not backing down.

So it appears that the difference between authors who support STGRB and authors who don't support STGRB is that authors who don't support them have the courage of their convictions and authors who do support STGRB don't.

Or maybe the reason authors don't support that site is because there aren't any.

You are preaching to the choir!! The greatest offense in their eyes is to say mean things about them. It is why all of us remain in their radar, and why so much other horrible crap on the internet gets bypassed.