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Witty Little Knitter 8 years ago
This is so me (especially's horrible I keep rearranging my shelves completely when one is full and I can't fit a new book in the space it should belong XD)
Nostalgia Reader 8 years ago
Number 7, so much. I remember a magazine (I know, not a book, but it's still words on paper, so it should count) I used to subscribe to changed it's format, and they change the font they used for their articles and it bugged me out of my mind. It wasn't as visually appealing to read like the old version was, and it was one of the reasons I lost interest.

13, also totally me, reorganizing my bookshelf is SO FUN. I get a new book? Reorganize ALL THE SHELVES!

Very guilty of 15 as well (and to an extent, 8).... even if I read it and don't like it, I still must keep it, because who knows when I'll want to give it another try or need it for research?
Affairs of M/Men 8 years ago
I don't even know you. Have you been spying on me? Do I have a stalker? ;)
Kate says 8 years ago
LOL exactly! It seems that we, all book lovers in the world, regardless of our country, culture, language and even book taste, have the same characters! A little bit spooky ;)
Affairs of M/Men 8 years ago
So true! :)
For Culture's Sake 8 years ago
The title is misleading. I'm a booklover and I don't understand most of the "problems". Do the authors want to suggest I'm not loving books enough? I wonder.