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Portable Magic 1 year ago
This looks intriguing. I just had a peek at the preview and I'm guessing from the fact that the publisher felt it necessary to have a "character chart" as a reference before the first chapter, that this might be the kind of book that would be better read in text format than on audio.
Definitely better in text format, especially since the narrative keeps jumping between different settings and groups of people. Also, there are a few charts in the text edition that you can have fun trying to decipher as to their relevance to the story.

I loved the second half of the book, when the narrative really took off and the various strands began to come together. Didn't much care for the first part (at least the first third or so), which I found a bit slow and ponderous -- though who knows; on a reread that might change.
Portable Magic 1 year ago
That's good to know. I have a very quick trigger finger for DNFing books, so I'll know to be patient and get through the first third if I find it a little slow.