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ugh, this one commenter on that article made me so angry, I had to reply. What a fuckwit.
Now it's come out that this person hired ghostwriters to write these books. WTF? If you're self publishing, why would you use ghostwriters and not write them yourself?
Hasn't that excuse been used before? Who was that? Also someone who was found to have plagiarized... remember?
That was the exact same excuse used by the person who plagiarized from Tammara Webber and Jamie McGuire for her NA book. Can't remember her name, I think it was something like Jordan?
Ah, I think it was Jordan Williams, if I remember correctly. But I don't even know if that was the person's real name because they were revealed to have several different identities. =/
it wouldn't surprise me if the person behind Jordan/Jordin Williams is the same one as the one behind this one.
I have a bad feeling this maybe Williams. This thief is also male like Williams who used ghostwriters just like Williams did. If this is true, I am thoroughly disgusted because Webber and McGuire took Williams to court and they came to a settlement in their favor where he gave his earnings he stole from Webber and McGuire to charity.
how do we know this is a male?
Andrew Shaffer through his Evil Wylie account confirmed it. Read his tweets.
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Feels wrong to "like" but I did reblog to spread the word.