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BrokenTune 6 months ago
Hey. If you like Mort, try some of the other books in the series. DEATH appears in a lot of the books, and he is always brilliant. Hogfather is an excellent Christmas / end of the year read, and features DEATH heavily. You can read it without having read the rest of the series.
Mort is a good entry into the series, but it isn't even one of the better books in the series. ;)
Also, I think you would like the Witches. (But I'd recommend you skip Equal Rites for the time being and start with Wyrd Sisters.)
KatiEllenReads 6 months ago
Why skip Equal Rites??
BrokenTune 6 months ago
Because, while it is good, it isn't really about the witches. It does have Granny Weatherwax in it, but the witches are introduced better in Wyrd Sisters. So, I wouldn't start the subseries with that one.