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Wow, he's really upset that you have an opinion, amiright?
Khanh the Killjoy 4 years ago
No, it's nobody I work with. I mention a lot about my work life online
Moonlight Reader 4 years ago
Is this someone you work with?
Derrolyn Anderson 4 years ago
Sheesh. This is the one that trolled a one-star review for a "friend" right? They always start out so self righteous and end up showing what they're really made of when you challenge them.

I know you can handle it, but you shouldn't have to :(
I second this. :(
TheBookofJules 4 years ago
LOL. "I totally don't find it necessary to curse, but you're a cunt."
That made total sense.

Oh, Khanh. They're crazy. Sorry you have to deal with them, but in the end you're awesome and they suck.
Khanh the Killjoy 4 years ago
I take comfort in knowing I ruined his day more than he affected mine!
That pathetic little coward! I wish my fists would meet his face!
Yeah, you're the cunt in this situation. /sarcasm.

Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Ooh, ooh, somebody feels threatened by the smart girl! And his penis is XS.