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Amara's Eden 5 years ago
So she bitched in the comments, ragequit when GR wouldn't bow to her will (, and then rejoined the site to bitch more? Jeez.
This one even surprised me, and BBA's don't surprise me anymore. But a 'lawyer' (**cough, cough**) whining about copyright issues because the negative review quoted from the book???! I hope I never hire this lawyer. Sure, she was using it as an angle to get a negative review down, but how stupid can one be?
Moonlight Snow 5 years ago
She's not a lawyer. Her bio doesn't say that she has a JD. She has an EdD in public policy, and she is an adjunct professor (apparently) at a for profit college that offers paralegal studies and criminal justice degrees. Saying she is a "law professor" is a gross overstatement of her qualifications.
Moonlight Snow 5 years ago
Also, she says she is completing a post-doctoral degree. The problem: there's no such thing as a "post-doctoral degree." Doctoral is it. Once you are a "dr." there is no where else to go to get more, better letters.

In addition, anyone who doesn't have an M.D. but who insists on being called "Dr." is pretty much a pretentious tool.
Derrolyn Anderson 5 years ago
I like to call this phenomenon, EBC, or, "Educated Beyond Capacity".
Ah, I saw 'law professor' and read 'lawyer', but still you would expect an author to know that quoting from a book -- in a review about the book! -- is a very common and accepted practice. But that snippet the reviewer left was TERRIBLE. That book sounds horrendous.
Khanh the Killjoy 5 years ago
Ah, thanks for clarifying that, for-profit colleges are not good -.-
Sandi 5 years ago
Thank you for that opinion on anyone, other than an M.D. using Dr. In their title. I concur!
What on earth is in the water lately? Further, how did quoting passages from books in the measure of critique or discussion become "copyright infringement?"

'Entitlement' is in the water, I believe. Some are drinking it up by the gallons too.
Khanh the Killjoy 5 years ago
I had no idea I've been engaging in illegal activities! :D
Khanh, apparently, by that definition - I have too. =P

KarlynP - oh yeah, I think entitlement is a big part of it. Oy vey.
*sighs* Personally, I'd rather quotes be used to emphasis or prove any points of criticism or feedback that would help improve my writing or allows me to be aware of next time when I'm writing. If anything it gives room to grow--negative reviews with constructive criticisms. I may not be a lawyer (I was looking in that direction however) but even I can say it is fine to prove a point, not like pages and pages of the thing was plastered everywhere or "leaked" online. Now THAT would be "copyright infringement", no? Not to mention illegal and allows people to pirate it.

If I'm not making sense, it's because I've been working on my essays all day and my brain is complete mush, so I apologise in advance... >_>;
Yzabel 5 years ago
Looks like butthurt to me, and nothing else. Reviews are best left alone, but I guess a lot of people (OK, mostly some authors) still don't want to understand that. -_-